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About the Episcopal Church

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St. John’s is a congregation of The Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, with 70 million members in 163 countries. We are a community of Christians bound together by our belief that Holy Scripture contains the very core

of all Christian faith.

We live out these core beliefs through:

  • Worship and church programs

  • Reaching out to the community

  • Sharing our story with others

  • Seeking God’s love together in study and prayer

  • Giving of our means and talents to the greater purpose of God’s work.

Our Worship

All are welcome to participate in our worship - whether you are a dedicated Christian, a new believer, or someone who still has questions and doubts because worship is a journey and we are all traveling at a different pace. Every worship service includes the reading of Holy Scripture, from the Old and New Testaments. Through our study of scripture, we learn the lessons that help us take the next step on our journey toward God.

Our service follows a form and order found in our worship book called The Book of Common Prayer. This guidebook allows everyone to participate -  all you have to do is follow along. Some of our services include music, both traditional and contemporary.


Celebrating God’s Presence

In our worship services, we celebrate our connection to God through water, bread and wine.


Water: Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that, through Baptism with water, we are united with God. The Episcopal Church recognizes all Christian Baptisms, regardless of denomination. (If you are not baptized and wish to be, you may contact the church office for more information.)

Bread and Wine: Jesus shared bread and wine with his first followers at the Last Supper, telling them to do so as a way of remembering Him. We follow this command when we celebrate Holy Communion, consuming a wafer and a sip of wine that have been consecrated during the service. Through it, we receive forgiveness for our sins and a strengthening of our union with God and one another. Any baptized person is welcome and encouraged to share in this meal.


As you continue your journey, please remember us as a place of rest, restoration, and reunion. If you are searching for a place to worship, we welcome you.

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